Workplace training optimized for an Attention Economy ?  

Meet margoe. 

We specialize in modern workplace training.

We all work in an Attention Economy.

People's time is scarce and their ability to comprehend limited.

Workplace training must match the way a person wants to learn. 

We're margoe 

We're trainers ourselves. As technologists, teachers, designers and managers, we see first hand professional development must be delivered as flexible, self-directed learning experiences.

It's not e-learning, it's margoe

practical learning experiences

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 Immersive Learning 

margoe delivers practical training where, when and how people work

Our training materials are professionally produced.

Our marketing partner is iHeart

iHeart MEDIA specializes in "people engagement". Together, we create Sponsored learning experiences for brands.

Our EdTech partner is Pathwright 

Pathwright is a leader in educational technologies.

margoe modernizes training

Saves people time by framing up what's needed in advance

Easy access with unified materials built as omni-channel media

Engage people by creating edutaining and useful media materials

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