Is your Career Coaching practice looking for a modern toolkit ? 

Meet margoe. 

We equip Career Coaching groups with a modern career development platform.

We are one of you

Just like you,we are professional development specialists, helping others be more productive.

margoe is modern l&d 

Content is authored as learning experiences for you to customize and share with clients.

Produced as modern media

Interactive Video


 Social Learning



Immersive Learning

 Teaching Agent

 Mentor Feedback

 Knowledge Intelligence

Delivered where media is consumed

margoe materials are professionally produced.

margoe EdTech partner 

Pathwright is a leading educational technology company based in South Carolina. They build and test new learning features in real-classrooms and real-life. 

Our lead instructional designer 

Nicole Papaioannou, Ph.D.

I am an instructional designer, writer, and teacher. I am skilled in crafting designed training in different fields, like digital marketing, aviation, healthcare and higher education. 

margoe scales coaching businesses 

Save Coaches time by framing up sessions in advance

Modernize coaching materials as omni-channel 

Increase revenues by up-selling a coaching platform

margoe's business model is flexible

"Create to Play" quid pro quo

Custom authoring services 

Custom Production services 

Sponsored learing 

We merge brand messaging into our l&d when we see that natural fit.