Training the Future of Aviation with ancient materials?

Meet margoe. 

We provide modernized compliance and performance training to commercial airlines and aviation schools.

You are the Aviation expert

It's your Curricula. We apply modern instructional design and production to it.

margoe has the aviation training experience

We know aviation training

margoe produces the training in modern media

Interactive Video


Social Learning



Immersive Learning

 Teaching Agent

 Trainer Feedback

 Knowledge Intelligence

Accessed 24/7 on various platforms

margoe materials are professionally produced.

Our marketing partner  

iHeart Radio personalities specialize in "people engagement".  

Our EdTech partner 

Pathwright builds and tests new learning features in real-classrooms and real-life. 

Our instructional designer 

I design training that encourages engagement and improves performance on the job. I am passionate about aviation training.

We modernize training

Saves Trainers time by framing up sessions in advance

Modernize training materials as omni-channel media

Engage learners by offering flexiblity

margoe's business model is flexible

Platform license

Custom Authoring services 

Custom Production services 


We merge "sponsored in part by" messaging into our training when we see that natural fit. This provides learners with relevant information while enabling us to keep costs low.

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