Attracting and Recruiting the right talent for your company?

Meet margoe. 

We help companies attract and recruit great talent using branded professional development media.

Your company does not have enough "trained talent".

We help your company attract talent.

margoe attracts new talent for your company

We blend advertising with professional development 

Our 3-step process

Message. Engage. Recruit.

Step 1 is messaging to potential talent

See how we use cultural leaders like Charlamagne to inspire radio listeners

Step 2 is engagement

Hear how we blend advertising and professional development into a Radio :60 spot.

Step 3 is vetted recruitment 

We promote and sell a brand-subsidized $5 training experience. We recruit from those listeners who showed the initiative to learn more.

Once talent is onboarded, we continue training them

with ROI learning experiences

Tools we use

Examples of sponsorable topics