Meet Lesson Hunter 

We provide event companies relevant marketing.

Painpoints we solve

Conference attendees want post event follow up when it helps them. 

Event companies and their sponsors want meaningful ways to stay connected to their attendees.

The Lesson Hunter process

Conferences are observed and popular topics are converted into learnings. 

New learnings are produced as [sponsored] media.

Learning media is distributed to past and future attendees as a marketing strategy. 

Every lesson hunter is a SME

The lesson hunter finds inspiration.  

Seek-out speakers' real world topics worthy of a deeper dive 

The lesson hunter converts observations into learnings.  

Convert real world topics into sponsored learning experiences

The lesson hunter markets the learnings as multimedia. 

The learning experiences are distributed in TV, digital video, streaming audio, email and more, compliments of event owner and their sponsors.  

Lesson hunters distribute knowledge.

Lesson hunters know how to tag knowledge from key opinion leaders, like conference speakers

They know how to convert those tags into learning experiences 

Interactive videos 


.ai chatbot


Branded Lessons

Accomplishment badges

They know how to monetize those learning experiences 

Lesson Hunter is the marketing of practical education.