Is your Data training optimized for an Attention Economy ?  

Meet 1010DATA 

We provide our clients a modernized data training system.

Today's employees work in an Attention Economy.

Their time is scarce. Their ability to comprehend limited.

Training must match the way an employee wants to learn. And, we are all diffferent.

1010DATA training is built as flexibile

Interactive Video




 Teaching Agent

 Trainer Feedback

We deliver training where employees work

Our materials are professionally produced.

Our Partner is margoe 

margoe is a Princeton, NJ training system, creating flexible ways to connect with learners. 

margoe's production partner is iHeart MEDIA.

1010DATA modernizes training

Save Trainees time by framing up sessions in advance

Easy Trainee access with materials built as omni-channel media

Engage trainees by creating edutaining and useful materials